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Welcome to friends known and unknown...

"I have walked along the dark shores of time that men call death, and am I returned to the light of life. My return was predestined that I might bring to you a special message."

These are the words with which I opened my self-syndicated radio program, "Letters of Life" during the late 70s. The show was an outgrowth of my weekly editorial column and radio talkshow. Each month a message of inspiration was prepared and delivered so that hope, faith and the promise of a brighter tomorrow might continue.

Over the years I have attempted to reprise these messages, from time to time. As of the birth of the new millenium, health and a number of other factors have forced me to drastically reduce these efforts. As such, I have opted for a series of electronic messages. These messages will be known as "Ben's Sound Bytes," taken from the name of my stage character RAB BEN WOK FARR - The Ancient Hebrew Warrior Priest. For the time being, limited speaking engagements will be accepted. Please contact us for more information.

New messages posted to these pages will not always remain within the realm of the spiritual. They will address various topics challenging us as members of society. Some will be controversial - all will be thought provoking. Your comments are welcome.

The page link indicates new areas, recently added.  The Gang Inside My Head provides a glimpse into the voices that are ever in my mind; their thoughts, observations and the musical chorus with which most days begin.

From The Curmudgeon's Mind reflects thoughts and opinions from the perspective of one whose time ever draws closer to the final chapter.

As ever, Ben's Sound Bytes will continue to be a social commentary - often with an inspirational message designed to make you think, draw closer to one another and increase your relationship with The Creator (by whatever name you use).

Very often, new entries will be dated so you'll know the latest updates. So, visit often, (sign the Guestbook) send your comments - or even commentary suggestions.

  As always, thank you for stopping by, and know that
my prayers and best wishes for the well-being of you and yours continue.

23 July 2015

This spot will features event updates and announcements. We will attempt to update as often as possible.

Minister Wm Craig Roberson

This page will be updated as often as possible. Thank you for stopping by...

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