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I find it particularly and increasingly insulting to hear automated sales call messages and/or media pundits refer to the Affordable Care Act as "Obamacare." They spew the word as if it is a life's burden that we have to live with; and that those persons who somehow benefit from the act are receiving an undeserved handout which those who use the word must personally and individually underwrite.
Why is it that this particular federal act is so singularly identified with an individual? Why is it that those same social malcontents do not refer to other federal acts with similar identifiers? Why don't we call Social Security "Roosevelt Security?" Why don't we refer to Civil Rights as "Johnson Rights," or The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as "Clinton Leave?" Why is it that we do not refer to the Patriot Act as the "Bush Suppression Act," or Homeland Security as the "Homeland Overreaction?"
Of course, we already know the answer, although none of those who use the phrase as a diatribe will ever admit to any form of bias, bigotry or discriminatory sentiment. The common excuse is that the phrase is the current social trend, with no insult implied. In an effort to be polite - HORSE PUCKEY! On the lips of many the name Obama has come to be the new code word for Nigger, so "Obamacare" in essence becomes "Niggercare."
If there was no implied, intended or assumed insult, why then, it is so difficult for them to say Affordable Care Act? The answer is as plain as the nose on my face!

The High Cost of Dirt:

The cost of housing demolition in Detroit jumped from roughly $7,000 per house to $20,000 per house under the Duggan Administration. Does anyone wonder why the cost to tear down a house has jumped almost 300 percent virtually overnight?
Based on recent news reports the cost of housing demolition changed from a rate covered by the square footage of a structure to a rate established by a structure's cubic footage. Mind you, nothing else has changed. There is nothing new they have to do except get more money for the same job as before.
Somehow, as a means to justify the additional cost, the reason stated for the increase is that trucks have to drive farther (more gas, oil, repairs, time and effort) to locate and load the dirt needed to fill the hole left by demolition. Are we importing dirt from another state, another country - or are we bringing in the special red clay from Georgia?
Complicating the story is the report that the Duggan appointee in charge of demolition worked with two contractors to determine the new formula for cost. It is further reported that these two contractors won the contract for housing demolition in Detroit. The problem here - again, as it is reported - is that federal law prohibits contractors who help determine contract details from bidding on or being awarded such contracts.
I think somehow, we haven't heard the last word on the high cost of dirt in Detroit.

Ben Carson's Plane of Mental Reality:

The more I listen to Ben Carson, the more I am convinced of the danger he presents as a potential leader. Recently, West Point officials made it clear that there exists no application by Carson to the institution; thus, there has been no acceptance of him, nor was there an invitation extended for him to attend. My question is what Congressman recommended him for West Point?
This "professional" background fiasco marks at least two glaring misrepresentations made by Carson concerning his life achievements. Some of you may remember his assertion of taking a special psychology course at Yale. This assertion was debunked as well, as it was reported that no course as described by Carson was offered by the university at that time.
If one couples those misrepresentations with his statements that no woman has the right for an abortion, and his assertion that the pyramids were nothing more than grain storage units (not royal burial chambers)then the reasonable person just might begin to wonder about the plane of reality that he lives on... Hmmmmm

Oh well, those are my thoughts, so until next time, enjoy this adventure we call life! ;-)