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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
Auto Makers Bail Out - A BAAADDD Idea!
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Politics
Please take a few minutes to visit my Tripod location to read the full comments on the Auto Makers Bailout...  Happy Turkey Day

Posted by wcr225 at 11:37 AM EST
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Wednesday, 14 May 2008
A Comment for Obama
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Politics
Please take a moment to visit my Tripod Home Page at Ben's Sound Bytes.  Read the condensed version of "I Remember..."  Your comments are welcome!  For a better tomorrow, I remain...

Posted by wcr225 at 4:54 PM EDT
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Thursday, 17 January 2008
Fiction Novel
Mood:  not sure

Passing through thick underbrush, they came upon a deserted portion of beautiful sandy beach.  He parked in the grass.  "I think we can talk here, undisturbed. Please join me in a swim, colonel."  Without waiting for a response she began to disrobe.  She wore a dark brown, two piece bathing suit under her khakis.  She did not turn back to him, but walked into the water, never hesitating at the edge.  She swam out about 15 yards before she turned.  Her quiet voice trailed across the water to him.  "The water is warm, unlike your part of the ocean."  There was hesitancy in his voice, "I have no suit.  If you don't mind, I'll just sit here for the moment, and enjoy the view."  Her eyes focused on him, with only her head breaking the surface of the water, until she raised her arm, throwing her bathing suit at his feet. "Now there is no reason for your embarrassment." "On the contrary. Now there is even more reason."  Again the dry smile spread across her face as she spoke, "If so, I am at a disadvantage.  I have no means by which to leave the water without surrounding my modesty.  Unless you rescue me I may be stuck here for hours before the light fails."  Her face betrayed no discomfort, so he knew that she was not embarrassed. Her voice was yet calm, with no quiver of nerves.  She neither moved forward nor backward.  In that only her head was above water, there was no way to read the body language.  Of one thing he was certain, she was testing him.  The invitation into the water had nothing to do with physical enticement.  Her words confirmed his line of reasoning.  "It would seem Colonel, that you have the upper hand in our negotiations.  It was my hope that we might discuss our concerns from an equal position."  Having surveyed the area, determining their isolation, he made a decision.  The water was warm, indeed.

            They swam for at least an hour. Not once did they touch one another, or attempt to do so.  Roberts had to force his mind to concentrate.  He understood the test.  It was not unusual to use physical charms to compromise a situation.  Once compromised, the negotiations would be a one way street.  His personal defense system kept his eyes sweeping the shoreline, looking for visitors or observers.  They were completely alone.  Not that it mattered.  He was completely defenseless, naked in the water.  Finally, as the sun began to descend into the horizon, he swam back to shore.  The sand was warm against his body.  He lay half in and out of the water.  Under any other circumstances this would have been a perfect day - a totally secluded beach, a beautiful woman and no distractions.  Within moments she followed him to the shore.  She left the water, seating herself in front of him, extending her legs on either side of his head.  He was glad he was lying on his stomach, particularly because of the uncomfortable involuntary response he experienced. He spoke without looking up, "Now the advantage is completely yours." She disagreed with his assessment.  "I see that our perceptions differ on the position of advantage.  It would seem that I am in a completely immodest position.  There is nothing about my body that might escape your close inspection.  Whereas, you are in a position that conceals your most definitive extremity."  In her own way she had a point, but for the life of him he couldn't see where he had the advantage.  If he raised his head to look straight ahead he could only stare at the vision that would be the object of any man's ultimate desire.  If he lifted his shoulders, tilting his head, he would have an unobstructed view of her breasts; tantalizingly firm orbs of perfection.  He would have to strain to lift his head high enough to see her face.  The thought of these barriers to his concentration created an even more uncomfortable tension that lying on his stomach only made worse.  But that was exactly the reason he couldn't turn over.

            This part of the test was to see who could endure the discomfort the longest and avoid the obvious.  If this was the beginning of a friendship, he was loath to consider the tests put to an enemy.  He lay his left cheek on his forearm, and closed his eyes.  If he opened them he would only have to endure the sight of her inner thigh.  He remained silent.  This was her show.  Her concentration was obviously better than his.  She was direct, firm and reasonable. 

Posted by wcr225 at 9:33 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 17 January 2008 9:36 PM EST
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Michigan Primary 2008
Mood:  irritated

     Unless the National Democratic Party changes its position a significantportion of the voting public in Michigan will have been robbed of their participation in the selection of the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.  When the state party decided to change its primary to January the national party decided to refuse to seat Michigan delegates at the national convention.  The result is that Michigan's 156 delegates will have no voice in the selection process.

     Michigan voters (Democratic) have been told "your vote doesn't count."  We thus, can only look on as the rest of the nation takes part in choosing a candidate for president.  Just as America is poised to recognize a black and a woman as viable candidates for the office, Michigan has been told to sit on the sidelines.

Posted by wcr225 at 5:41 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 17 January 2008 9:35 PM EST
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